Zonta Birthing Kits

The birthing kit was designed specifically to be a cost effective tool to promote safe hygiene in childbirth in developing countries.

The contents are intended to promote hygiene in childbirth and thus prevent the most common causes of related infections. They contain items for the birth itself (eg. plastic sheeting, soap & disposable gloves), for the baby (string and a blade to attend to the umbilical cord) and to prevent common post-natal infections, some gauze squares to clean the baby’s eyes).

The kits cost $A5.00 to make and are assembled in the thousands by Zonta Clubs in Australia.

Once assembled, the birthing kits are distributed by the project organisers with the help of Non-Government Organisations in a variety of developing countries (who train local women to be birthing attendants and in the use the kit). Over one million of these birthing kits have been distributed so far by Zonta Clubs.

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A group of our Club Members and Friends of Zonta participated in a Birthing Kit Assembly Day in Ashburton, completing 1000 kits.
These Birthing Kits will be forwarded on to third world countries.

Service Project: Birthing Kit Assembly Night

Community birthing kit assembly days have been held in 2017 and 2018 at Ashburton Baptist Church. On each occasion 1000 kits were assembled with funding provided by Zonta Club of Melbourne’s East. Assembly Sessions have also been held at schools where the students fundraise to purchase the components and then spend time assembling the kits. Schools that have participated in the past are: Avila, PLC, Glen Waverley Secondary College and Wesley, Glen Waverley Campus.

In 2019, an assembly day will be held at Monash University as part of a Staff Development Day.

Life saving Birthing Kits provide a clean and safe birthing environment for women in developing countries and have reduced the incidence of newborn and maternal morbidity and mortality.