2019 Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Nominee – Brighid Gannon

Brighid Gannon is an impressive, young woman of the future. It was a pleasure that she came with her friend, Daniel who was so supportive of her and interested in the next step. Brighid is working towards Honours, and then Masters in her Business field. For her, the dynamic space to be is in Business. She aims to lead change into the future and wants to change the image of Corporate Policy.

Brighid’s ZCME nomination has been forwarded to District 23 with our best wishes.

Created in 1998 from a legacy from Jane M Klausman, a Zontian, this award aims to foster women’s leadership in the Finance and Business areas. Our last awardee was Sasha Crawley in 2017, who went on to further studies in UK.

Jane M Klausman Awards are made at Club level ($A500), District level (US $1000), and 12 are awarded at International level (US$7000).

Any female student interested in applying for one of these scholarships and require further information please contact Sylvia – info@zontamelbourneseast.org.au

At our meeting on 1st August 2019, Sylvia presented Brighid with a Certificate and a cheque for $500 from ZCME. Sylvia also praised Brighid highly on her academic references and her commitment to volunteer work.The next level of awards is at District level, which will be announced in November. We wish Brighid every success.