2017 Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Nominee – Sarsha Crawley

Sarsha is an exceptional young woman studying Commerce/Arts at Monash University.

Sarsha’s goal is to contribute viable and sustainable business solutions to create greater opportunities for women from developing countries. She believes that through engaging with socially responsible business models and pursuing sustainable development economics, the burden of sweatshop labour, overrepresented by women, can be be lifted and they can pursue the gift of education.

Sarsha is about to embark on a twelve-month exchange program at the University of Warwick in the UK. This will increase her global awareness and provide the opportunity to study business from an International viewpoint.

Sarsha’s ZCME nomination has been forwarded to District 23 with our best wishes.

Jane M Klausman Awards are made at Club level ($750), District level (US $1000), and 12 are awarded at International level (US$7000).

Any female student interested in applying for one of these scholarships and require further information please contact Robyn Scholes – robyn@balloonsbyrobyn.com

At our meeting on 6th July 2017, we were delighted to present Sarsha Crawley with her Jane M Klausman Award and cheque for $750.