Say NO to violence against women and girls worldwide.

The ‘Zonta Says No’ March was held on Saturday 1st December

What is domestic violence against women?

A pattern of abusive behaviours used to control or dominate another person!

There are many forms of domestic violence which can occur independently or in conjunction with each other:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Ongoing abuse of all kinds is harmful and gradually reduces the victim’s confidence and ability to seek help or leave.

What can we do?

  • Don’t excuse or justify sexism
  • Speak up when people disrespect women, sometimes they don’t even realise
  • Empower women who you suspect may be victims, offer help and support
  • Let victims know they aren’t alone and inform them about relevant services to help.

Speak out… ALWAYS speak out against violence against women.